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the Morrigan by Tsabo6
by Tsabo6

I wish to say, that this looks absolutely amazing. I am someone who gives praise where it is due, and this is due praise! It reminds me...



Things have been rather tough lately. My mother is going through Kemo because she's got cancer. I don't know what kind, she won't tell me, but I do know she's been given about a year. It's really depressed me, but I escape as best as possible through users Deviations, stories and pictures. I absorb myself in Skyrim, and other video games, and I write. I thank those few who have read my fanfics, as lame as they may be, and I hope to continue my writing for a long time. I've also found a recent interest in Manga, and am currently reading "Mahou Sensei Negima!" and "Kanokon". If any of you know a good manga to read, I like things with supernatural stuff, romance, schools, and lots of comedy. I have read "Dance in the Vampire Bund" "GE-Good Ending", "Bitter Virgin" (A really serious romance with a sweet ending, nothing smutty) "Desire Climax" (Smutty) "Tora-Dora" (hilarious) and "Strawberry Panic" or at least all that's available online of it at the moment anyway. I recommend any of the titles I listed, but Please be advised, Desire Climax is not for those under 18, and Bitter Virgin had even ME crying at times.. and I never cry... it will move you. Enjoy Manga Fans, I'll see you next time.


Bryce Edward Madison Liddell

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